Turkish Journal of Physics

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Preliminary Results from CdTe Spectrum Detectors


Mahmut DOĞRU




A few CdTe detectors of different thicknesses and active areas have been studied for gamma-ray spectroscopy. The current of the detectors is low even at high bias voltages. The charge collection efficiency (cce) up to 98 \% for the detection of 60 keV gamma radiation from {\ }^{241}Am and up to 85 \% for the detection of 122 keV gamma radiation from {\ }^{57}Co sources have been obtained. The measured cce is good agreement compared with previously calculated cce using a model which includes trapping effects. The detector radiation count rate increases dramatically with applied bias. Polarization effect is produced by radiating the detectors for extended time with {\ }^{57}Co source. Decreases in count rate is very slow.

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