Turkish Journal of Physics

Electrical, Optical and Structural Properties of Cd_{0.8}Al_{0.2}S Films Grown by Spray Pyrolysis Method




Cd_{0.8}Al_{0.2}S thin films were grown by spray pyrolysis method onto pyrex glass substrate at temperature 350^{\circ} C. The electrical resistivity were found to be 9.8 \times 10^9 \Omega-cm and the optical band gap of the films was found to have two values of 2.31 eV and 2.46 eV at room temperature. The crystal structure of the film were studied by x-ray powder method. The peaks in diffraction pattern of the film belong to CdS, Al_2O_3 and Al_2S_3 as hexagonal, and the other peak also belongs to monoclinic sulphur.

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