Turkish Journal of Physics

Tendency to the Wigner Crystallization in the Weakly Interacting 2D Electron Gas




The density of states (DOS) and conductivity of two-dimensional (2D) weakly interacting electron gas are studied in the framework of a mean field theory. The correlation effects in the system are taken into account by means of Hartree-Fock approximation and the energy spectrum of 2D correlated electron gas is obtained. DOS is calculated at the small interacting parameter \alpha ={{2 e^2}\over {\pi \hbar \nu_F}}. DOS is shown to decrease logarithmically in the vicinity of the Fermi energy \epsilon_F, which indicates the evidence to the Wigner crystallization in the system [1]. This result differs from a quantum correction in the weak localization theory [2,3]. So, the correlation correction obtained by us is logarithmic irrespective of the system dimension. The residual conductivity of a weakly interacting 2D electron gas is also calculated [4]. The conductivity also decreases logarithmically with temperature. The obtained results are valid for a small value of the correlation parameter \alpha, \alpha

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