Turkish Journal of Physics

Dynamics of Clusters in Three-Dimensional 3-State Potts Model




Dynamical evaluation of the observables changing per iteration in a Monte Carlo simulation possess vital information about the order of the phase transition occuring in the system ~[1]. Being a global operator, average cluster size is a good candidate to study the order of the phase transition. It is expected that study of cluster dynamics yields indicative information ~[1-3]. In this work cluster algorithm ~[4,5] is used to study the dynamical behavior of the average cluster size in $3$-dimensional 3-state Potts model ~[6] which is known to exhibit weak first-order transition ~[7]. Cluster size is calculated as the average of 1000 or higher replicas at each Monte Carlo iteration, during first few hundred iterations. Results for different sizes show the first-order character of the phase transition occuring in the model without performing time consuming computations to calculate the equilibrium averages.

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