Turkish Journal of Physics

Study of Clusters in Two-Dimensional 7-State Potts Model




It is known that finite size scaling theory is well established for the systems undergoing a strong first-order transition [1-3]. However, if the correlation length is larger than the system size, methods using finite size scaling theory may fail to give indication of the first-order transition. The aim in this work is to observe how the system approaches to the first-order regime (where the correlation length is smaller but comparable to the size of the system) in two-dimensional 7-state Potts model which is known to exhibit first-order transition [4,5]. Cluster algorithm [6,7] is used to calculate commonly used equilibrium averages and the energy histogram, as well as cluster size related measurables like the average cluster size, fluctuations in the cluster size and the distribution of the cluster sizes [8,9]. The behavior of these measurables on different sizes varying from 8 \times 8 to 64 \times 64 is observed and the effect of this behavior on the order of the transition is studied.

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