Turkish Journal of Physics

Generalized Tsallis Thermostatistics of Magnetic Systems




Boltzmann-Gibbs statistics fails to study the systems having the conditions (i) the spatial range of the microscopic interactions are long-ranged, (ii) the time range of the microscopic memory is long-ranged and (iii) the system evolves in a (multi)fractal space-time. These kind of systems are said to be nonextensive and a nonextensive formalism of statistics must be needed for them. Recently a generalized thermostatistics is proposed by C. Tsallis to handle the nonextensive systems and up to now, not only the generalization of some of the conventional concepts have been investigated but the formalism has also been properous in some of the physical applications. In this study, our effort is to introduce Tsallis thermostatistics in some details and to give a brief review of the magnetic systems which have been studied in the frame of this formalism.

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