Turkish Journal of Physics

Methane Stabilized He-Ne Lasers (\lambda=3.39\mu m) with the Frequency Reproducibility Comparable to the Cs Atomic Standard




This paper presents the results of a research work about the infrared optical frequency standars (OFS) done at the Lebedev Physics Institute. The standards are based on methane stabilized He-Ne lasers which are found to be a very stable source in the optical region. The results of the frequency comparisons of the two He-Ne/CH_{4} OFS with the typical homogeneous width of the reference lines in the range from 7 kHz to 700 Hz are given. The results show that the reproducibility of the investigated lasers can be estimated from 3.10^{-13} to 1.10^{-13} in dependence with the width of the reference line used.

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