Turkish Journal of Physics

Propagation Modeling and Simulation For Land Mobile Satellite Systems




Land Mobile Satellite Systems (LMSS) provide voice and data communications to mobile users via a geosynchronouss satellite. LMSS is an advanced communications technology which combines satellite and mobile communications techniques. Propagation considerations are very important for a reliable LMSS. Trees shadowing and multipath propagation effects due to scattering from the surrounding terrain are the dominant effects. These effects cause fading at reception. For link design, fading level or excess path loss must be known. A LMSS propagation model is developed using statistical distribution functions of shadowing and multipath propagation. The model parameters are obtained from experimental data. Propagation measurements at the L band have been made to determine the model parametters. Fading distribution and fading depth are obtained using the model and simulation for different LMSS propagation environments.

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