Turkish Journal of Physics

DTRM and SEM Studies of Melt-Spun Fe_{72.2}$Ni_{3.8}B_{24} Amorphous Alloy




The thermal stability and crystallization behaviour of amorphous alloy Fe_{72.2} Ni_{3.8} B_{24} has been studied by means of the dynamic temperature resistivity measurement (DTRM) method between room temperature and 900K. The result shows that crystallization in this alloy proceeds, in a single step. Also, various peaks in the resistivity-temperature-curve (RT-curve) correspond to the formation of various phases. The values so obtained are compared with those taken with the dynamic temperature X-ray diffraction (DTXD) technique on the same alloy. A scanning electron microscopy (SEM) study was done on amorphous and air-quenched samples to study the microstructural developments with respect to crystallization.

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