Turkish Journal of Physics

Impurity Conduction in In_{x}Ga_{1-x}As




Resistivity measurements on In_{x}Ga_{1-x}As grown on semi-insulating GaAs by MBE and doped with Si to a carrier density of approximately 10^{16} cm^{-3} were made as a function of temperature (4.2-50 K) and pressure (0-8 kbar) for a wide range of alloy compositions. The resistivity analysis at low temperatures shows that the Mott transition occurs in the limited alloy composition range x=0.30-0.60 at these doping densities. For alloy compositions x\leq 0.20, the temperature and pressure dependence of the low temperature resistivity can be well explained by the thermally-activated hopping conduction law. At higher In compositions (x>0.60), the conduction in the impurity band is of a metallic character instead of thermally-activated hopping conduction.

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