Turkish Journal of Physics

Investigation of the a-Si:H Film Deep Localized States by Capacitance DLTS




Phosporus doped a-Si:H films were deposited on both chromium coated glass and n+-Si wafers via the glow discharge system. Schottky diodes were produced by depositing palladium and chromium electrodes by using the sputtering and electron gun techniques, respectively. The admittance associated with the depletion region was derived and analyzed. By temperature scanning of the high frequency depletion capacitance, a density of localized states near the bulk Fermi level was found as 10^{19} cm^{- 3} eV^{-1}. Moreover, an analysis by a capacitive DLTS technique carried out a density analysis of the localized deep state distribution along the upper half of the pseudogap with a minimum at 0.4 eV below the conduction band edge.

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