Turkish Journal of Physics

Structure of the Conduction Band and Electronic Properties of the Te-doped In_{0.5}Ga_{0.5}Sb Solid Solutions




In present paper we report the results of a detail investigation of the scattering mechanisms of electrons in the In_{1-x}Ga_{x}Sb solid solutions with equimolar composition (x=0.5). Electrical conductivity, \sigma, thermal power, \alpha_0, magnetothermal power, \Delta\alpha_{\infty}, and Hall coefficient R have been measured at room temperature on samples with concentration in the range 3\times 10^{17}\leq n\leq 6\times 10^{18}cm^{-3}. From a good match between theoretical curve with r=1/2 and experimental data of \alpha_0(n) and \Delta\alpha_{\infty}(n) it is concluded that electrons are scattered by optical phonons. It is shown that concentration dependence of electronic effective mass m^{\star} corresponds to the Kane theory up to n=6\times 10^{18} cm^{-3}. The values of effective mass at the bottom of conduction band (m^{\star}_0=0.025m_0) and the band gap (\epsilon_g=0.36 eV) have been calculated.

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