Turkish Journal of Physics

An Investigation for the Modification of the Quasi-Adiabatic Theory of Deuteron Break-up


Bülent GÖNÜL




Recent calculations using the quasi-adiabatic approximation have yielded sig\-nificant corrections to the adiabatic model and led to an improved description of the measured observables in the ^{66}Zn (d,p)^{67}Zn reaction at 88.2 MeV, due to the sen\-sible choice of the n-p center-of-mass energy in break-up configurations. In this paper, an alternative theoretical approach is suggested to further improve the description of the center-of-mass motion of the n-p pair, by introducing a more consistent prescription for the continuum n-p center-of-mass energy within the quasi- adiabatic formalism. However, its application to the ^{66}Zn+d system at 88.2 MeV has shown that such a prescription cannot be used in the analysis of deuteron involving reactions.

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