Turkish Journal of Physics

Scattering of Surface Acoustic Waves on Single Perturbations of an Elastic Bodys




In this paper we review the theoretical developments which led to a more complete understanding of the behavior of surface acoustic waves propagating along the surface of an elastic body. A complete analysis of the problem including a calculation of the reflection coefficient from a single perturbation of an elastic body and a scattering diagram for the waves scattered into the volume are reviewed with suggestions for areas of further study. We have studied the characteristics of localized surface acoustic waves (SAW) reflectors made in the form classical mechanical resonator or in the form of a heavy strip on the surface of an elastic solid. Such structures are found to have eigenmodes and, as a result, very strong reflection and scattering of SAW can be realized on a single element in relatively broad frequency range, since the resonances have low Q-factors. Such elements may be used in Satellite Communication Systems.

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