Turkish Journal of Physics

Radiopolarimetry of Sea Ice




In studying sea and mainland ice problems arise connected with determining its physical structure and mechanical and chemical properties. One of the essential characteristics of ice is its anisotropy as a geophysical characteristic. Studying the changes in microwave radiation brightness temperatures at different polarizations (vertical and horizontal) and at different visual angles presents the possibility of determining the essential anisotropic properties of ice. That's why the use of polarization measurments of microwave radiation from ice provides another technique for increasing the correctness of data obtained. In this case, the concept of \lq\lq polarization anisotropy" when applied within the framework of various models, describes an object's anisotropic state (ice in particular). In addition, within the framework of the problem of the anistoropic properties of ice, radiopolarmetric analysis may also be used to determine the strained state of objects composed of ice.

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