Turkish Journal of Physics

1.55 \mum InGaAsP Laser Diode Amplifier




Recent advances in 1.55 \mum optical fiber and semiconductor laser diode technology have brought laser diode amplifiers to the stage where 1.55 \mum optical fiber communication systems employing optical amplifiers clearly out perform traditional systems in some aspects. Since silica based optical fibers yield the lowest transmission loss at 1.55 \mum, a 1.55 \mum InGaAsP laser diode amplifier is modelled using the coupled rate equations for electron and photon densities in this work. These equations are solved with forward difference equations in time and position for different optical input instensity shapes. The effect of various parameters of the laser diode on the gain are identified. It is shown that an amplifier gain as large as 1850 is theoretically possible if the practical obstacles which limit the gain are removed.

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