Turkish Journal of Physics

Some Applications of the Model of the Partion Points on a One Dimensional Lattice




We have shown that by using a model of gas of partition points on a one-dimensional lattice, we can find some results about the saturation curves for enzyme kinetics or the average domain-size, which we have obtained before by using a correlated walks' theory or a probabilistic (combinatoric) way. We have studied, using the same model and the same technique, the denaturation process, i.e., the breaking of the hydrogen bonds connecting the two strands, under treatment by heat. Also, we have discussed, without entering in details, the problem related to the spread of an infections disease and the stochastic model of partition points. We think that this model, being simple and mathematically transparent, can be advantageous for the other theoratical investigations in chemistry or modern biology. PACS NOS.: 05.50. + q; 05.70.Ce; 64.10.+h; 87.10. +e; 87.15.Rn

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