Turkish Journal of Physics

Spin-Wave Resonance in Amorphous NiMn and NiMnPt Alloy Films




Spin resonance studies have been done on a series of amorphous thin films of NiMn, NiMnPt alloys prepared by flash evaporation technique [1]. Data were taken over a wide range of temperatures (4.2-300K) in cases where the applied magnetic field is either parallel or perpendicular to the surface of the films. We have analyzed the data by using a computer programme based on the solutions of the Landau-Lifshitz (LL) equation. From fits of our data to the theoretical curves, we have found the uni-directional anisotropy H_A the exchange stiffness A, bulk and surface anisotropy constants K's and k's, as a function of temperature. We have also observed that the uni-directional anisotropy rotates [2] freely towards the applied field direction.

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