Turkish Journal of Physics

A Novel Correction Method for the Steady State Fluorescence Technique to Study Film Formation From High-T Latex Particles




Steady state fluorescence technique conjuction with Monte Carlo simulation were used to study interdiffusion of polymer chains across the particle-particle junction during film formation from high-T latex particles [1,2]. The latex films were prepared from pyrene (P) and naphthalene (N) labeled poly (methyl methacrelete) (PMMA) particles and annealed in increasingly longer time intervals above the glass transition temperature. Scaning electron microscopy (SEM) was used to detect the variation in physical appearence of annealed latex films. Monte Carlo simulations were performed to model the N and P fluorescence intensities using photon diffusion theory [3]. Number of n and p photons emerging from the front surface of the latex film are calculated when only N is excited.

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