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Background/Aim Our primary aim was to investigate the effects of concomitant celiac disease (CD) on the clinical characteristics of Behçet’s syndrome (BS) patients. Materials and method The study was a retrospective, nationwide, multi-center study. Turkish Ministry of Health National Electronic Database (e-Nabız) is used under Health Ministry's supervision to extract the subject's data. Statistical Analysis Statistical analyses were made by the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) software version 20 (IBM Corp., Armonk, New York). Continuous variables were presented by mean ± standard derivation (SD) or median (min–max) according to normality and compared by student-T test. Results A total of 84,241 patients diagnosed with BS were analyzed, and CD was identified in 175 patients. The group with CD had a mean age of 41.30 ± 13.69 which was significantly younger. the prevalence of females was significantly higher (71.4%). The mean age of first admission for BS was also significantly younger in the group with CD (36.64 ± 13.28). BS patients with CD had a significantly higher prevalence of inflammatory bowel disease (27.2% vs 7.3%, p<0.001). When comorbid conditions were investigated depression (35.4% vs 23.3%, p<0.001), migraine (7.4% vs 2.6%, p<0.001), fibromyalgia (10.9% vs 4.5%, p<0.001) and osteoporosis (12.6% vs 6.6%, p=0.001) were significantly more frequent in BS patients with CD. Conclusion Behçet's syndrome and CD are both immune-mediated conditions with complex pathogenesis. CD in BS patients is related to female dominance and probably with an earlier disease onset.


Behçet's syndrome, celiac disease, clinical features, inflammatory bowel disease, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, early disease onset

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