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Background/aim: Developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH) is the most common cause of secondary hip arthrosis. The primary purpose of this study was to assess the results of an oversized hemispherical cup via the press-fit technique used for Crowe type II and III DDH without screws and to determine if adequate medialization and initial stability of the acetabular component would allow us to avoid screw and graft use. Materials and methods: Between February 2012 and May 2020, the current study analyzed 43 hips with Crowe type II and III DDH treated with a porous-coated cup by placing the press-fit technique or screw. The acetabular cup was fixed with the press-fit technique without additional screws in 27 hips and with screws in 16 hips. The inclusion criterion in this study was a minimum 2-year-period after the surgery. Results: The mean duration of follow-up was 6.83 ± 2.67 years in the press-fit group and 6.21 ± 2.01 years in the screw group. The mean age of the patients was 47.96 ± 12.37 years in the press-fit group and 50.5 ± 12.37 years in the screw group. Measurements revealed that the hip center of rotation (HCR) was located more medially and superiorly postoperatively than preoperatively in both groups. The mean cup coverage in the screw group was 85.58% ± 7.51% (75.3%?97.2%), while it was less than 90.41% ± 6.15% (76.3%?98.2%) in the press-fit group (p = 0.038). No component was revised because of loosening, and all of the implants were radiologically stable within the observation period. No statistically significant differences were observed regarding the postoperative limp-length discrepancy between the groups (p = 0.496). Conclusion: Press-fit implantation of a porous-coated acetabular component without screws can also be used as an alternative method for THA in Crowe type II and III DDH. The initial stability was obtained using the press-fit technique with a small cup positioned more medially and superiorly, which may allow the surgeon to avoid screw and graft use.


Total hip arthroplasty, developmental dysplasia of the hip, press-fit technique, medialization, small cup

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