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Background/aim: Early identification of patients at risk for developing postoperative pancreatic fistula (POPF) after pancreaticoduodenectomy (PD) may facilitate drain management. In this context, it was aimed to examine the efficiency of the serum amylase (SA) value on postoperative day (PoD) 1 in predicting the occurrence of POPF. Materials and methods: A total of 132 patients who underwent PD were studied. Occurrences of POPF were classified according to the International Study Group on Pancreatic Fistula classification as a biochemical leak (BL) or clinically relevant grade b/c POPF (CRPOPF). Receiver operating characteristic analysis identified a threshold value of SA on PoD 1 associated with POPF formation. Results: Overall, 66 (50%) patients had POPF, including 51 (38.7%) with BL and 15 with CR-POPF (11.3%). The threshold value of SA associated with the development of POPF was 120 IU/L (odds ratio [OR]: 3.20; p = 0.002). In the multivariate analysis, independent POPF risk factors were SA ?120 IU/L, soft pancreatic texture, and high-risk pathology (i.e., duodenal, biliary, ampullary, islet cell, and benign tumors); SA ?120 IU/L outperformed soft pancreatic texture and high-risk pathology in predicting POPF, respectively (OR: 2.22; p = 0.004 vs. OR: 1.37; p = 0.012 vs. OR: 1.35; p = 0.018). In a subset analysis according to gland texture (soft vs. hard), patients with soft pancreatic texture exhibited a significantly higher incidence of POPF (63.4% vs. 34.4%) and SA ?120 IU/L (52.1% vs. 27.9%); SA <120 IU/L had a negative predictive value of 82.5% for developing POPF in patients with hard pancreatic texture (OR: 4.28, p = 0.028). Conclusion: A SA value ?120 IU/L on the day after PD, which is the strongest predictor for POPF, can be used as a biomarker of the occurrence of POPF. The advantage of SA measurement is that it can contribute to identifying suitable patients for early drain removal.


Gland palpation, gland softness, pancreas texture, whipple

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