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Background/aim: Fine-needle non-aspiration cytology (FNNAC) is an easy-to-apply, minimally invasive diagnostic method that contributes to the diagnosis and staging of lung cancer. FNNAC can be performed from peripheral lymph nodes as well as in peripheral lung lesions. This study aimed to evaluate the contribution of FNNAC performed from peripheral lesions or lymph nodes to diagnosis in patients with pulmonary malignant lesions. Materials and methods: FNNAC was applied from a peripherally located mass in the lung, chest wall lesion, or peripheral lymph node using a needle without an injector or active suction. The collected material was evaluated using the cytoblock method. The FNNAC accuracy was obtained by dividing the true positivity value by a number of needle biopsies performed. The 95% confidence interval of the obtained rate was also calculated. Results: The mean age of 56 patients, two female (3.6%) and 54 male (96.4%), was 63.9 ± 9.1 (38-80) years. FNNAC was performed from the peripheral lymph node in 48 patients, the peripheral pulmonary lesion in four, and the accompanying chest wall lesion in four. While true positivity was present in 42 patients, two patients had true negativity, and 12 had false negativity. In five of the 12 cases reported as false negative, the collected material was evaluated as insufficient, while the malignant diagnoses of the remaining seven cases were confirmed by other diagnostic methods. The diagnostic success of FNNAC was determined as 78.57% (95% CI: 65.56-88.41). FNNAC was more successful in diagnosis when performed from the peripheral lymph node compared to the peripheral pulmonary lesion (p=0.033). Conclusion: In cases with pulmonary lesions, FNNAC performed from the peripheral lymph node is an easy-to-apply, cost-effective, minimally invasive method with a high diagnostic success and low complication rate. It can be preferred for diagnosis, staging, and recurrence in malignant cases not suitable for advanced invasive procedures.


Fine-needle non-aspiration cytology, peripheral pulmonary lesion, lymph node cytology

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