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Background/aim: Primary hyperparathyroidism (PHPT) is a disease that is diagnosed more frequently and generally in the asymptomatic period, with widely available biochemical tests. Evidence suggesting an association between PHPT and malignancy risk is increasing. Clarification of this association will be useful in PHPT for malignancy screening and management of patients with PHPT. In this study, we aimed to investigate the frequency of cancer in PHPT patients. Materials and methods: A total of 775 PHPT patients were included in the retrospective study. Demographic, clinical and laboratory data of the patients were evaluated retrospectively. Results: Malignancy was detected in 128 (16.50%) of 775 PHPT patients (female/male: 625/150). The mean age at diagnosis of PHPT was 57.99 ± 10.86 years, and the mean age at diagnosis of malignancy was 57.46 ± 11.17 years. Of the 128 patients with malignancy, 53 (41.40%) were diagnosed in the same year as PHPT. In terms of malignancy types, 51 (6.50%) of 775 PHPT patients had thyroid cancer. Thyroid cancer was followed by breast cancer (2.30%) and stomach cancer (1%) in order of frequency. Conclusion: We think that PHPT patients should be examined more carefully in terms of cancer risk, especially thyroid cancer. More comprehensive studies are needed to clarify the relationship between PHPT and cancer.


Primary hyperparathyroidism, cancer, thyroid cancer

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