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Background/aim: Established reference values are critical for the interpretation of immunologic assessments. In particular, the proportion and absolute counts of T- and B- cell subpopulations are subject to change with age and ethnicity. We aimed to establish agespecific reference values for lymphocyte subsets using updated immunophenotyping panels. Materials and methods: We studied a total of 297 healthy Turkish subjects aged 0 to 50 years, stratified into major age brackets in a cluster factor of 10 per age-group. The predetermined age intervals contained randomly allocated participants enrolled over a period of 6 months, who were homogenously distributed by sex. We analyzed a complete blood count test and simultaneously with detailed immunophenotyping enumerated the percent and absolute cell counts of lymphocyte subsets. Results: The percentage and absolute counts of lymphocyte subsets show a marked surge across the age-span. T helper, T cytotoxic, and the natural killer cell numbers were increasing from birth until 6 months, followed by a gradual decrease thereafter. B cell numbers were rising until 2 years, followed by a gradual decrease for the upcoming years, accompanied by a steady expansion of unclass-switched- and class-switched- B cells. Conclusion: We provide updated extensive reference intervals for lymphocyte subpopulations in Turkish people.


Immunophenotyping, lymphocyte subsets, reference values, lymphocyte percentage, absolute count

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