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Background/aim: The effect of testosterone replacement therapy was investigated on bladder functions, histology, apoptosis as well as Rho-kinase expression in the rat bladder outlet obstruction (BOO) and hypogonadism models. Materials and methods: 30 mature male rats divided into 4 groups: sham group (n = 8), BOO group (n = 8), BOO + orchiectomy group (n = 7), BOO + orchiectomy + testosterone (T) treatment group (n = 7). Cystometric findings, apoptosis index, Rho-kinase (ROCK-2) expression, and smooth muscle/collagen ratio were compared. Results: BOO did not change ROCK-2 expression level, compared to sham group (P > 0.05). However, when compared to BOO group (P < 0.01), BOO + orchiectomy led ROCK-2 increase. The testosterone treatment failed to reverse the up-regulation of ROCK-2 induced by orchiectomy although it tended to lower ROCK-2 level. Compared to sham group (P = 0.002), changes in maximal bladder capacity and leak point pressure were higher (P = 0.026, P = 0.001), and bladder compliance was lower in BOO group. Also, the apoptosis index was different between the two groups (P = 0.380). Smooth muscle/collagen ratio was higher in BOO + orchiectomy + T group than in BOO + orchiectomy group (P = 0.010). Conclusions: The research draws attention to alternating treatment approaches in case of the presence of hypogonadism and BOO.


Bladder, rho-kinase expression, hypogonadism, apoptosis, bladder outlet obstruction

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