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Background/aim: The aim of the study was to carry out the cultural adaptation and translation of the ICU mobility scale (IMS) into Turkish and research the psychometric properties. Materials and methods: This study was based on methodological design. The IMS was translated from English to the Turkish through a regularised translation process. Two physiotherapists assessed patients independently in the coronary intensive care unit. The measures such as construct validity, intra and interrater reliability, and internal consistency of the IMS Turkish version were assessed. Results: A total of 70 intensive care patients were included in the study. The intrarater and interrater reliability of the IMS was excellent. The weighted Kappa value was 0.92 (0.87-0.96) for the intrarater reliability, and 0.87 (0.80-0.93) for the interrater reliability. There were significant correlations between the IMS and functional status score for the intensive care unit (r = 0.83), Perme intensive care unit mobility score (r = 0.84), Katz activities of daily living (r = 0.73), handgrip strength (r = 0.62), knee extension strength (r = 0.46), and age (r = -0.44). Conclusion: This study suggests that the IMS Turkish version is a reliable and valid scale for assessing functional status and mobility level in ICU patients.


ICU mobility scale, functional status, intensive care unit

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