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Beginning from China on December 2019, COVID-19 epidemic has spreaded all over the world in a short period of time and has been a pandemic. In challenge with this pandemic quarantine technique has been used widely after tens of years. In the course of the pandemic, many countries evacuated their citizens from affected regions and combined the evacuation with quarantine process. Some examples of these countries who evacuated their citizens are Germany, Italy, Spain, and USA. In further times, during the course of pandemic, according to spread, other countries evacuated their citizens from these countries too. Despite being the origin of the pandemic, in later times Wuhan was also a place where people were evacuated to. Evacuation and quarantine have caused social and psychological impacts on people and some of them took place in mainstream media. In this review article, evacuation and quarantine processes as well as the society's reactions to these, have been compiled.


Quarantine, evacuation

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