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Background/aim: Individuals infected by the Covid-19 potentially are at risk of health and economic well-being. Today, the Covid-19 is a global issue, and the world economy can be interpreted as almost at the standstill. In this context, this study aims to discuss the potential first reactions of short and long term global economic impacts of the pandemic through sectors by assessing its costs according to the data announced for both the world and Turkey. In addition, this study tries to put forth possible economic and political scenarios for the post-pandemic world. Materials and methods: This is a review article that summarizes the current reports and discussions about the economic consequences of this historical event, and tries to make some inferences considering them. Results: This pandemic has severe adverse effects on the employees, customers, supply chains and financial markets, in brief, most probably it will cause a global economic recession. Nevertheless, due to the uncertainty of the end of this pandemic, both the length and scale of this contraction are not predictable. Conclusion: It takes a while for the world economy to recover from the contraction. It seems that this pandemic will lead to a permanent shift in the world and its politics, especially in health, security, trade, employment, agriculture, manufacturing goods production and science policies. Since this new world might provide great opportunities for some countries that did not dominate world production before, governments should develop new strategies to adjust the new world order without much delay.


Covid-19, economy, pandemic

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