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Along the centuries, novel strain of virus such as influenza produces pandemics which increase illness, death and disruption in the countries. Spanish flu in 1918, Asian flu in 1957, Hong Kong flu in 1968 and swine flu in 2009 were known pandemic which had various characteristics in terms of morbidity and mortality. A current pandemic is caused by novel corona virus originated from China. COVID-19 pandemic is very similar to Spanish, Hong Kong, Asian and swine influenza pandemics in terms of spreading to world by the mobilized people. Burden of pandemic is considered in terms of disease transmissibility and the growth rate of epidemic and duration of pandemic can be calculated by transmissibility characteristic. The case definition, finding out cases and first case cluster, proper treatment, sufficient stockpiles of medicine and population cooperation with the containment strategy should be considered for reduction of burden of pandemic.


Pandemic, new coronavirus infection, COVID-19

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