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COVID-19 pandemic is now a global threat to human health reaching up to 2 million infected people all around the world. Since its first recognition in Wuhan, many topics were discussed intensively about COVID-19, both in the public and scientific community. Personal protective equipment, especially masks, has been among the hottest topics during this pandemic. Regardless of which mask is used, performing hand hygiene frequently with an alcohol-based hand rub or with soap and water if hands are dirty is the most effective preventive measure for COVID-19. The type of mask used when caring for COVID-19 patients will vary according to the setting, type of personnel/person, and activity. Although the main transmission route for COVID-19 is droplets, during aerosol generating procedures airborne transmission may occur. Keeping the distancing and medical masks and eye protection during close contact efficiently protects against respiratory diseases transmitted via droplets. Airborne precautions include goggles and respiratory protection with the use of an N95 or an equivalent mask respirator to prevent airborne transmission.


Masks, respiratory protective devices, respirators, air-purifying

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