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Background/aim: Based on the antiviral and antibacterial properties of aluminum salts, we aimed to find out the influence of aluminum salts on COVID-19 infected patients. Materials and methods: We performed an observational retrospective cohort study which includes the patients diagnosed as COVID-19 and received aluminum salts in addition to actual treatments during hospitalization as the treatment group (Alum Group). Patients who received standard COVID-19 treatment protocols in the Infectious Diseases Clinics were included as the Control Group. Clinical findings, laboratory parameters, length of stay, survival, radiological follow-up, intensive care and mechanical ventilation needs, the presence of comorbidity, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests, symptoms, symptom recovery times, hospital stay times, treatment protocols, and clinical presence of pneumonia were examined in all patients. Advanced chemical composition analyzes of existing aluminum salts were also performed. Results: A total of 109 patients, 54 in the alum group and 55 in the control group, were included in the study. None of the patients in the aluminum group developed side effects due to the intake of aluminum salt. Survival status was significantly different between the two groups as there were 5 loss in the Control Group and none in the Alum Group (P = 0.023). The symptom recovery time was significantly shorter in the Alum Group; 2 (1-3) vs. 1 (1-2) days, P = 0.003. According to the paired samples analyses of the comparison between hospitalization and discharge, CRP levels significantly drops in the Alum Group (from 54.09 to 27, P = 0.001) but not in the Control Group. The drop was significantly same for the lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) and procalcitonin levels with P = 0.001. Conclusion: It has been observed that aluminum salts have beneficial effects in COVID-19 infected cases. Considering the low systemic toxicity of intermittent oral intake of aluminum salts as food supplements and the fact that pandemic control is still not achieved, the use of aluminum salts is promising.


Coronavirus (COVID-19), aluminum salts

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