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Background/aim: Forensic medicine and sciences is a multidisciplinary branch of science, which frequently benefit from novel technologies. State of the art omics technologies have begun to be performed in forensic medicine and sciences, particularly in postmortem interval, intoxication, drugs of abuse, diagnosis of diseases and cause of death. This review aims to discuss the role and use of great omics (metabolomics, proteomics, genomics and transcriptomics) in forensic sciences, in detail. Materials and methods: A detailed review of related literature was performed, and studies were subdivided as per the type of omics.Results and conclusion: Omics seems as a revolutionary step in forensic science and sure carries it towards a new age. The number of forensic studies utilizing omics steadily increases in last years. Omics strategies should be used together in order to gather more accurate and certain data. Additional studies need to be performed to incorporate omics into routine forensic methodology.


Forensic medicine/science, omics, post-mortem interval, drugs of abuse

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