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Background/aim: The main purpose of this study is to evaluate the resting state hippocampal connectivity with language areas and to correlate them with laterality index calculations on single subject basis, hence to present hippocampal lateralization for language with rs-fMRI.Materials and methods: Task based and rs-fMRI data were gathered from a total of 45 subjects in 3T scanner. BrainVoyager QX, SPM, and CONN softwares were used for data analysis. LI score of each subject was calculated and converted into normalized LI score (nLI). Intrahemispheric rs-connectivity analysis was performed between hippocampus and Broca's regions on both sides. Correlation between these variables was measured with SPSS software.Results: Right-TLE patients were found to have highest whereas left-TLE group were found to have lowest mean LI scores. Regarding hippocampal-lingual networks; left intrahemispheric connectivity values showed strong positive correlation with nLI values in left, right-TLE patients and healthy controls (P = 0.035, 0.014, 0.047). There were no significant correlation between right intrahemispheric connectivity values and nLI scores in all groups.Conclusion: This study seems to depict the existence of resting state hippocampal-lingual functional network which correlates well with lateralization of language function in the left hemisphere in both temporal lobe epilepsy patients and healthy controls.


Functional magnetic resonance imaging, hippocampus, language, epilepsy

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