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Background/aim: The goal of this study was to compare differences in hand and wrist shapes and to evaluate these according to growth and allometry in children on radiographs related to bone age.Materials and methods: The study included 263 males and 189 females. A total of 452 left hand and wrist radiographs were retrospectively collected. Standard anatomical landmarks marked on radiographs.Results: There were seen to be significant differences in comparisons of hand and wrist shapes according to sex (P = 0.009). The most suitable model in the growth models was seen as the Gompertz growth model for both females and males (model P < 0.001). For the relationship between shape and size to evaluate allometry, significant models were obtained in females (model P = 0.017, MSE = 0.0002) and in males (model P < 0.001, MSE = 0.0002). In our study, the difference between the sexes was found mostly in the radiocarpal region. It was observed that the deformation of the carpal bones started in the distal row carpal bones.Conclusion: Significant differences were found in hand and wrist shapes according to sex. Models for growth and allometry of hand and wrist shapes were found to be significant in children.


Pediatrics, bone development, bone age, morphometrics, hand and wrist

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