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Background/aim: The success of treatment of bone fracture and defects are based on a proper contact and compression between the bone fracture fragments. Intraoperative manipulations such as bone compression or distractions are generally done in order to achieve this. However, none of the bone plates currently in routine use allow these manipulations after fixation to the bone, requiring refixation and repeated drilling, and screwing operations. Based on this shortcoming, we designed a novel adjustable bone plate (ABP) system which allows bone shortening and lengthening even after fixation to the bone surface. The aim of the paper is to clarify the unique properties of the novel bone plate. Materials and methods: In this paper, the new generation adjustable bone plate applicability, design, indication, and new characteristics in addition to conventional bone plates with review of the literature were discussed and surgical technique was demonstrated in a saw bone model. Results: This novel design allows for compression and distraction at the fracture ends post fixation as well as bone segment transfers. Conclusions: The potential of the new generation ABP plate for use in bone compression, distraction, and the segmental bone transfer is a promising invention for clinical applications in the future.


Fracture, bone, shortening, lengthening, adjustable, plate

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