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Background/aim: The objective in this study is to assess the short-term effects of a single-session mobilization in addition to subacromial corticosteroid (SACS) injection in impingement syndrome.Materials and methods: The study was designed as a prospective randomized controlled single-blind, parallel group clinical trial. Patients (totally 84) were divided randomly into two groups equally. Forty-two patients in Group 1 received mobilization and SACS injection, whereas 42 patients in Group 2 only received SACS injections. A single SACS injection was applied in all patients. Mobilization was administered as a single session right after SACS injection. Patient' evaluations were performed measuring active range of motion (AROM), visual analogue scale (VAS) during activity and rest, and Disabilities of Arm, Shoulder, and Hand Score (DASH) prior to treatment and in the first and fourth weeks following the treatment.Results: Both groups showed significant improvement in terms of AROM, VAS, and DASH scores in each evaluation step (P < 0.05). Visual analogue scale activity in the first week was significantly better in Group 1 (P = 0.028). Also, flexion and abduction degrees showed significantly better outcomes in Group 1 (P = 0.007, P = 0.036). Conclusion: Addition of single-session mobilization might provide rapid improvement in flexion and abduction as well as early pain relief following SACS injections.


Subacromial impingement syndrome, mobilization, corticosteroid injection

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