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Background/aim: This study aims to determine the validity and reliability of the Turkish version of the Neck OutcOme Score (NOOS).Materials and methods: Two hundred eight patients suffering from nonspecific neck pain participated in the study. Test-retest reliability and internal consistency were assessed using intraclass correlation coefficients (2, 1) and Cronbach's alpha, respectively. The dimensionality was investigated with the factor analysis. The construct validity was determined by testing whether the hypothesis of correlations between NOOS subscales, Short Form-36 subscales, and the Neck Disability Index were met using Spearman's rank correlation coefficient. Ceiling/floor effects and measurement error were tested as well.Results: The intraclass correlation coefficient results varied between 0.721 and 0.844. Cronbach's alpha values of the subscale were found to be between 0.847 and 0.916 in the internal consistency analysis. The factor analysis showed that the questionnaire has five factors. Floor/ceiling effects were considered not to be present.Conclusion: It was found that the Turkish version of the NOOS is valid and reliable.


Neck pain, validity, reliability, version, Neck OutcOme Score

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