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Background/aim: Sinonasal polyposis is a complex chronic disease displaying contributions from multiple genetic and environmental factors. In this study, we analyzed possible genetic factors that increase susceptibility to this widespread inflammatory disease. Materials and methods: A total of 176 adult patients, including 78 patients with sinonasal polyposis and 98 healthy controls, were analyzed for IL-1RN VNTR, IL-2(-330), and IL-4 VNTR gene polymorphisms using polymerase chain reaction and enzyme restriction.Results: IL-1RN and IL-4 VNTR polymorphisms were notably associated with sinonasal polyposis (P = 0.0001 and P = 0.036, respectively); however, regarding the IL-2(-330) gene polymorphism, no significant difference was shown between the patient and control groups (P = 0.235). Conclusions: Our study indicates that the RN2 allele of IL-1RN and the RP1 allele of IL-4 might be risk factors for developing sinonasal polyposis.


Nasal polyposis, IL-1RN VNTR, IL-2(-330), IL-4 VNTR, gene polymorphism

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