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Background/aim: Hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS) is a rare pathology with a very high mortality rate. The present study aimed to share our initial experience with the ductus arteriosus stenting procedure using the pulmonary trunk approach in the treatment of HLHS, as well as provide some technical suggestions and discuss complications and their management.Materials and methods: The medical records of 9 neonates (age range: 1-8 days) with HLHS, who were operated on within a 12-month period, were reviewed retrospectively. Preprocedural planning was performed by computed tomography angiography and echocardiography. The operations were performed in a hybrid surgery room by interventional radiologists and pediatric vascular surgeons. Balloon-expandable stents were used in all of the operations.Results: All operations were successfully completed without any intraoperative mortality. All intraoperative complications were managed successfully during the stenting procedure.Conclusion: Stage 1 hybrid palliation for HLHS is a safe and effective procedure when several key points are kept in mind.


Pediatrics, interventional vascular, stents, vascular, congenital

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