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Background/aim: Memory is a mechanism for coding, storing, and recalling information. Weak memory and learning disability are common psychological problems in the elderly. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of 4 weeks of frankincense consumption on explicit motor memory and serum BDNF in the elderly.Materials and methods: Twenty elderly men (mean age of 60.2 ± 1.7 years) were randomly divided into two groups: experimental (n = 12) and placebo (n = 8). The first blood samples were collected 24 h before the pretest. Then both groups participated in a 4-week exercise program based on the protocol of exercising motor memory. During this period, the experimental group received 500-mg frankincense pills two times a day. The second blood sample collection and acquisition test were conducted following the last session of the exercise program. A retention test and a third blood sampling were performed 2 weeks after the last training session. Mixed analysis of variance (2 × 3) for repeated measures was used to analyze the data.Results: Intergroup comparisons showed that frankincense had a significant effect on the acquisition and retention of explicit motor memory. No difference was observed in serum BDNF between the experimental and placebo groups.Conclusion: This study revealed that 4 weeks of frankincense consumption facilitates the acquisition and retention of motor memory in older men with moderate mental status.


Frankincense, explicit motor memory, BDNF, elderly

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