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In a group of IVF/ICSI cycles, despite the appropriate ovarian stimulation, the number of oocytes collected is below the expected value. This condition is defined as poor ovarian response (POR) to stimulation. POR brings the risk of cycle cancellation with an estimated rate of 20%. Infertility experts are trying to improve cycle outcomes of POR cases with multiple modifications. This review article will present the latest modifications on the management of POR. The studies performed for improving cycle outcome in POR cases were evaluated and their notable results were presented.The first intervention among infertility specialists is to make a standard definition for POR. The BOLOGNA criteria and the subsequent POSEIDON group definitions are the latest updates in POR management. GnRH antagonists, estradiol priming, double stimulation, letrozole administration, DHEA, and herbal therapy supplementations are the recent modifications done to improve oocyte retrieval and subsequent embryo transfer for POR cases. This review article presents the encouraging methods applied for POR cases to improve cycle outcome.


Poor ovarian response, cycle cancellation, DHEA, double stimulation

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