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Background/aim: Intraabdominal hypertension (IAH) occurs frequently in patients with acute pancreatitis and adds to their morbidity and mortality. The main aim of the study was to identify the determination of the predictive factors connected to IAH that influence the evolution of acute pancreatitis. Materials and methods: The prospective cohort study was conducted on 100 patients who had acute pancreatitis. According to obtained intraabdominal pressure (IAP) values, the patients were divided into two groups: one group (n = 40) with normal IAP values and the other (IAH group, n = 60) with increased IAP values. Deceased patients were specially analyzed within the IAH group in order to determine mortality predictors. Results: Statistical significance of IAP (P = 0.048), lactates (P = 0.048), peak pressure (P = 0.043), abdominal perfusion pressure (P = 0.05), and mean arterial pressure (P = 0.041) was greater for deceased than for surviving patients in the IAH group. High mortality appears for patients younger than 65 years old, with lactate level higher than 3.22 mmol/L and filtration gradient (GF) lower than 67 mmHg. Conclusion: Age, lactates, GF, and APACHE II score are determined as mortality predictors for patients suffering from acute pancreatitis who developed IAH. The mortality rate is higher when the level of GF is decreasing and the level of lactate increasing.


Acute pancreatitis, intraabdominal pressure, intraabdominal hypertension, shock, critical care, mortality

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