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Background/aim: For the purpose of providing the optimal postoperative care for patients and assisting them in terms of recovery, their health conditions and particular symptoms should be evaluated systematically with an appropriate measurement tool. This research was designed with the purpose of conducting the validity and reliability study of the Postoperative Recovery Index-Turkish Version (PoRI-TR) and determining the postoperative recovery conditions.Materials and methods: The sample of this study, which was planned methodologically and analytically, consisted of 382 patients who had a surgical intervention in a university hospital between September 2016 and June 2017. Analyses concerning the Turkish validity and reliability of the PoRI-TR were conducted. In the evaluation, a patient information form, the PoRI-TR, and the Quality of Recovery-40 Questionnaire (QoR-40) were used.Results: The PoRI-TR point average was calculated as 3.39 ± 0.916 and the Cronbach alpha reliability coefficient was calculated as α = 0.967. It was determined that the five-factor structure of the PoRI-TR, which was reduced from 37 items to 25, was adapted well.Conclusion: It was seen that the PoRI-TR is a valid and reliable measurement tool for Turkish patients.


Surgery, patient care, postoperative care, recovery of functions

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