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Background/aim: One of the most feared complications after colon resection for carcinoma is anastomotic leakage. Prediction of anastomotic leakage can alter pre- and perioperative management of patients. This study validates an anastomotic leakage prediction system. Materials and methods: Ninety-five patients who underwent colonic resection between 1 January 2016 and 30 January 2017 were included in the study. Patient records and electronic charting system data were used to calculate anastomotic leakage risk on the http://www.anastomoticleak.com/ website.Results: Fifty-six (58.9%) patients were male and thirty-nine (41.1%) were female. The mean age was 61.7 (min: 33, max: 90). Six (6.3%) patients had anastomotic leakage. According to the ROC analysis, the area under curve for the prediction system was 0.767.Conclusion: The prediction system for anastomotic leakage produced significant results for our patient population. It can be effectively utilized in preoperative and perioperative measures to prevent anastomotic leakage.


Anastomotic leakages, validation studies, colorectal carcinoma

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