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Background/aim: Suramin is a potent angiogenesis inhibitor in rodents and attenuates placental development in rat pregnancy. We aimed to produce preeclampsia-like syndrome by suramin administration in rats and to investigate the functional responses in aortic, renal, and uterine arteries. Materials and methods: Pregnant and nonpregnant wistar rats received suramin (100 mg/kg, intraperitoneal) or equal volume of saline on days 10 and 11. Blood pressures of rats were observed daily. On the day 20, rats were executed. Protein levels in urine were measured and fetuses, placentas, and kidneys were weighted and evaluated. Thoracic aorta, renal, and uterine arteries were removed for functional studies. Results: Increased blood pressures and proteinuria were detected in suramin-given pregnant rats. Pathological examination of kidneys showed an acute tubular injury after suramin injection. Numbers and weights of fetuses and placentas were reduced in suramin-given pregnant rats. In functional studies, endothelial dysfunction occurred in uterine and renal arteries but not in the aorta. In this study, we showed that preeclampsia-like syndrome occurred in suramin-given rats. Conclusion: Our findings, which show that endothelial dysfunction occurred in uterine and renal arteries but not in the aorta, are consistent with the human findings of microvascular changes in preeclampsia.


Suramin, preeclampsia, hypertension, vascular responses

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