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Background/aim: Solid organ transplant (SOT) recipients have increased risk of tuberculosis (TB). We aimed to investigate the prevalence and features of TB in liver transplant (LT) recipients at our transplantation canter. Materials and methods: All patients who underwent LT between January 2004 and December 2013 and whose data were accessible were included in the study. Demographic features, tuberculin skin test (TST) results, and TB prevalence were recorded. Characteristics of LT recipients who developed TB were evaluated. Results: A total of 403 patients underwent LT during this period. Mean age was 47.27 ± 11.04 years; 280 (69.47%) were males. The TST was administered to 108 (25.91%) and the QuantiFERON-TB test to 1 patient. TST positivity was determined in 28 (25.93%). Latent TB infection (LTBI) treatment was not recommended to any of the LT candidates. In the posttransplant period, 5 patients (1.24%) developed TB over a median duration of 14 (min: 7, max: 84) months, 2 of whom were found to have had LTBI in the pretransplant period. Conclusion: The prevalence of TB in LT recipients at our center was similar to that in the current literature. LTBI screening, including risk factor assessment and TST/QuantiFERON-TB testing, is necessary in the early diagnostic workup for TB in LT recipients.


Tuberculosis, liver transplantation, immune suppression, latent tuberculosis infection

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