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Background/aim: Alprostadil and iloprost are successful agents used for both pulmonary hypertension and extremity ischemia treatment. Different systemic effects of these agents may change the preferences of clinical usage. Superiority of preventing ischemia/ reperfusion (IR) injury is a criterion for clinical preference of these agents. The present study was designed to compare the protective effects of alprostadil and iloprost in a rat model of IR injury. Materials and methods: Twenty-three male Sprague Dawley rats were used (aged 8-12 weeks, mean weight 230 ± 30 g). They were randomized into 4 groups: Group 1 (iloprost + IR), Group 2 (alprostadil + IR), Group 3 (saline + IR), and Group 4 (control). Under general anesthesia, in all groups except Group 4, the abdominal region was explored and the abdominal aorta was temporarily clamped for 60 min. After the clamp was removed, 120 min of reperfusion was applied. In Group 4, the rats were placed under general anesthesia and abdominal exploration was performed without the IR procedure. For all rats, body temperature was kept at 36 °C with a heater pad through the whole procedure. The rats were euthanized under general anesthesia to remove the kidneys and lungs for study. Histopathological and biochemical analyses were conducted with kidney and lung tissues. Histopathological scoring was done by analyzing cellular damage at tissue level. Malondialdehyde (MDA), superoxide dismutase, and glutathione levels were studied for biochemical analysis. Results: Histopathologic analysis showed that, as compared with alprostadil, iloprost provided a significantly higher level of renal protection against IR injury (P < 0.01). Renal tissue levels of MDA were significantly lower in the alprostadil group as compared to Group 3 (P < 0.05). Conclusion: Alprostadil and iloprost seem to provide protection against IR injury, with iloprost being more protective in renal tissue. Alprostadil is more effective than iloprost in protecting lung tissue against IR injury.


Reperfusion injury, alprostadil, iloprost, lung, kidney

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