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Background/aim: The aim of this study was to investigate neuroendocrine tumors (NETs) detected in appendectomy specimens and the incidence and clinicopathologic characteristics of these tumors in our center. Materials and methods: A total of 13,863 patients were evaluated retrospectively. All underwent appendectomy operation in the Kayseri Training and Research Hospital and had a histopathological examination at the Pathology Clinic between January 2007 and March 2017. Age, sex, preoperative clinical findings, operation procedure, and histopathological examination results of the cases reported to be NET are presented. Results: NET was detected in 29 cases (0.2%) in the histopathological examination of 13,863 appendectomy specimens. Of these, 26 were classical carcinoid tumors and 3 were goblet cell carcinoid tumors (GCCTs). For the NET cases, the mean age was 37 years and the male to female ratio was 1.07. Only 68.9% of the patients underwent an appendectomy, and 31% of the patients underwent a secondary right hemicolectomy. Recurrences were not detected in any of the cases. In the present study, coincidence was determined in all of the cases with NET in the appendix. Conclusion: Contrary to many studies, both NETs of the appendix and GCCT cases were slightly higher among males and advanced age groups in this study. The long-term life expectancy in cases of classical carcinoid tumors of the appendix is quite good.


Appendix, carcinoid tumor, goblet cell carcinoid tumor, neuroendocrine tumor

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