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Background/aim: This study aimed to compare the effectiveness of ultrasound (US)-guided injection versus blind injection of corticosteroids in the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). Materials and methods: This prospective, randomized clinical trial included patients with severe CTS based on clinical and electrophysiological criteria. The patients were evaluated for clinical and electrophysiological parameters at baseline and 4 weeks after treatment. Symptom severity and hand function were assessed by the Boston questionnaire. The patients underwent blind injection or US-guided injection. Results: When compared with baseline, both groups showed significant improvement in Boston questionnaire scores and all electrophysiological parameters. Significant differences were observed between the groups for clinical parameters (Boston Symptom Severity Scale: P = 0.007; Functional Status Scale: P < 0.001) in favor of the US-guided group. Conclusion: This study demonstrated that both US-guided and blind injections were effective in reducing symptoms and improving hand function. US-guided injections may yield more effective clinical results in the short-term than blind injections in the treatment of patients with severe CTS.


Carpal tunnel syndrome, ultrasound-guided, blind, injection, corticosteroid

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